Counterclockwise walker


I counterclockwise walked along the field track the first time last night. It made me see the people oncomingly and the scenery in total different angle.

It easily made one mistakenly thought he/she stood head and shouders above all others or even disdained.

I do walk counterclockwise, but it was just an idea inspired by other people walking like that before. Actually I felt a little weird and upset about their “difference” when I saw them the first time. They seemly made most clockwise walker(include me) unconvenient more or less.

But I was told that walking counterclockwise sometimes can balance body structures and reactions, it’s good for exercisers. You have to be accuscomed in both movement directions.

When I took the suggestion and gave a try last night, I found the most difficult part, but most interesting too, is not about the body but the mind. You have to enjoy the difference.

You are alone, but you are not so lonely. You made oncoming people a little embarrased but remain polite to them. That is you, a counterclockwise walker.

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  1. I walked countrclockwise for the 1st time along the track field last night.It made me see oncoming people and the scenery in a totally different angle.One could mistakenly thought he/she stood out(like a sore thumb) against all others easily.
    The notion of counterclock wise walkers struck me as slightly weird;annoyed and inconsidered, with their indifferent toward majority clockwise walkers on the field;even though I do occasionally walk counterclockwise.
    I gave it a go,after being told it can balance body’s structures and reactions.It a great excercise to stimulate both of your body and mind,but;what I found most interesting is;you have to enjoy the difference.
    You’re alone,but you’re not;hardly.You do made oncoming people slightly awkward/embarrassed,you have to remain polite.For you are the counterclockwise walker.
    *Little revision,hope you don’t mind.*

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  3. 哈哈
    第一次淡淡阅览的 飘过的
    第二次可以有更多的感应 沉淀