It must be overestimated

It must comes to a rambling tragedy part

Cast a gloom, whistle the crow

Into the deepest dream we already fell

Is it brave?

You must be overpraised

Definately partially justified

Bring me all the mystification I’d self-denied

Reverse is correct

It must be overestimated

The shadow of leaf, the rushing of stream

Even the star behind actually sliding free

Why bother, when we embrace the defination

Is it really gorgeous?

It may come and go, it may sunrise and sunfall

It may mess up the letter board and let them sprawl

Maybe it’s the widest joy to normal people

So maybe the overestimate tastes good

More acceptable than vanish

Smooth than love

在〈Overestimate〉中有 0 則留言

  1. smoother than love,you once promised
    mystified into abyss of sweet trap
    you set
    under net you cast
    lure by sprawl praises
    easy seduction
    tangled in web of lies
    willing victim
    (inspired by your last set of phrases)


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