Life is bitter


Life is bitter. I can’t help moaning often because of so many bad news.

Many people died, more are sick, poor or unhappy. Even the death is like one-deay news, only the suffering of relatives and friends who really care remains.

Not all, but quite a lot of the sympathy for the one-day news is cheap and short. It comes instantly by maybe a transferring and sharing on internet or a glance at the news of television.

We have no such grand morality to keep all those things on our mind, even we were seemly moved at that time. The best way to maintain our brain’s efficiency is to delete or “narrow down”.

So only the personal troubles and tortures are really related to ourselves. But even these things don’t last as long as before. We’ll be bewildered by “new arrivals” soon.

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  1. I witnessed the 2nd flight hit the Twin Towers on 9-11-2001. Although none of my friends or family members died in the attacks, it’s still very painful for me to think of it. I’ve been trying to avoid this topic all these years, and my life goes on like nothing major had happened. But whenever I heard others talk about 911, I would burst into tears… (yeah, it hurts, deep inside!)

  2. Please allow me more time for that inner ebbs to subside,for I too have lost someone dear to me not too long ago.I can say fogs have finally lifted and I’m no longer knee deep in quagmire.This is not to say that I am healed and ready to rebrace what comes ahead.For all I know that infinte hues just so much paler than before,laughters seem forced and I’ve remaind a social recluse.
    narrow down=compartmentalized;new arrivals=what lies ahead