As I eat too much, the body will protest. It has proved effective every time.

I was invited to have two large meals yesterday. Lunch was the shabushabu and dinner was Sichuan crusine. Both were very satisfying and enjoyable. After dinner, we went to a coffee shop for drinks and desserts.

Sure enough, I slept not well. I woke up at about 6 o’clolck this morning and started to have loose bowels.

So I ate only two small kiwi fruits for breakfast and one loaf of bread for lunch. Let the stomach and bowels rest.

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  1. A loaf of bread,is quite substantial,it usually means several slices( 6 or more),a roll of bread is just dainty enough.
    LeRong,once you pass a certain age,one can no longer eat with impunity and w/o one’s “just dessert”.

  2. Mr Chen,
    Why did you stop writing dairy in English?
    It’s the best way to learn English well.

  3. 很喜欢老师写的这些英语日志,短小却生活化,是学习英语的好地方!以后我也尝试着学习写英语日志!