Bird sings, but doesn’t know next note

Reporter notes, but doesn’t remind us of the past

Spring passes, but does forget the tree will decay

After the frost

A cup lies on the table

Sunset crawls onto the wall

In-between comes always late

The one-eye-blind guy is playing cards with a cat

Happiness lives quite far away

Drama serials lead to more episodes

But the end is sustained by facts

No matter how the loser regret

Jumping into the water for the last chance

Moving toward the whirpool winding myself around

Badly defeated yet fearlessly at the shout

Now I turn out to be tired

Ripples expand, then entropy increases

Wrinkles increase, then tension insists

Pursuit exists, then inner disputes resist

Why bother, you old and fragile man

Rebound is an ancient self-proved law

Sequel of sequels to disillusionment

Worse still going nowhere

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