Glass shattering


The glass of the cabinet in the dining room broke all of a sudden last night.

It came with a clap at first, two parts of glass dropped from the door, then continuous small clashing expanded all over the door for several hours.

Fortunately we didn’t sit in front of it.

The repairman came in this morning. He said that it is caused by the flaw of the glass, not the process of construction. Similar problem could happen in just several weeks or some ten years later. He said it is uncertain.

Frankly speaking, I don’t like his answer. Maybe it sounded like truth, but I think no customer like to hear about that.

The “End of the World” prediction about May 21 didn’t come true, hope the glass shattering is kind of the scapegoat.

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  1. glass shatters,clap=usually comes in pairs,fragmented glasses shattered all over the floor,repairman said it is unpredictable.
    I apologize if this annoys you to no end,just drop a hint I’ll stop.Doing this because you’d mentiioned wanting to do more of English writing,some subtle nuances may work better,hope you don’t mind.


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